World Premiers

How does a world/concert premiere in your state or country sound?

The two orchestral works below are available for the 2024-2025 concert season! Please contact the composer, Nan Avant, to discuss the premier of these award winning orchestral works.


Sirens of the Salish Sea: 1. Soundness of the Sea, was composed during Spring and Summer of 2020 amidst the events taking place nationally and throughout the world and is a reflection of that time,  expressed through music and the essence of the Sea.  Sirens of the Salish Sea was originally written as a quintet suite and later orchestrated. Soundness of the Sea for Violin and Orchestra  is the first movement of the suite  to be recorded and presented to the world.


"In the symphonic work Sirens of the Salish Sea: I. Soundness of the Sea (‘Sirenes del mar dels Salish: I. La solidesa del mar’), for violin and orchestra, the composer Nan Avant — about whom we have published a magnificent article— seeks to reflect the most difficult moments of the year 2020 through music and the essence of the sea. In love with natural landscapes, Avant exhibits her symphonic lyricism reaching grandeur and emotion, two qualities of her music.”

Carme Miró, Sonograma Magazine

” ‘Soundness of the Sea’ is composed for violin solo and orchestra and represents story telling about the essence of nature. The form is clear, orchestration is really pure, not massive, like holding the feather in your palms and that feather goes with the wind and flies above the sea.”

Miran Vaupotić, Conductor


2023 Clouzine International Music Award~Best International Classical Composition

2023 Global Music Awards~Silver Medal~Outstanding Achievement in Composition~ New Release

2022 The American Prize~Finalist~ Composition

Run Time

3 minutes 32 seconds

A Tango, Milonga for Bandoneon, Piano and String Orchestra


Rememoramini~ Tango, Milonga for Bandoneon, Piano and Orchestra is an emotional, thought provoking piece, in the style of a slow milonga. Originally composed as a sextet and most recently arranged for string orchestra and recorded by the Zagreb Festival Orchestra, Croatia under the direction of Miran Vaupotić. Rememoramini appears on the album, Dimensions 5, a PARMA Recording, Navona Records label 2023.

The string orchestra arrangement of Rememoramini has been purchased several times via the JW Pepper website. I have not been contracted regarding the location of the concert performances and I regard this piece as still available as a " premier" for your region/country.


“Rememoramini, by Nan Avant, begins the listen with Charlene Farrugia’s piano, Franko Božac’s bandoneon, and the Zagreb Festival Orchestra making for a very warm and graceful delivery that’s heartfelt and poetic..."

Take Effect Music Review


2024 Clouzine International Music Award~ Best Classical Crossover Work

2022 Global Music Awrds~Silver Medal~Outstanding Achievement in Composition and Original Score

Run Time

5 minutes 15 seconds