Upcoming Concert Performances 2024

Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mathew Salvaggio

May 19 2024 Meydenbauer Center Theatre

Bijoux (the Nebulae) by Nan Avant

Past Performances


These are the concert performances that I am aware of. I sell my music on JW Pepper and there are many purchases of my orchestral and ensemble  works from around the globe, sometimes I am notified and most often I only know the country or continent. Please contact me if your orchestra or ensemble is performing my music and I will include updates on my website and add promotional information on social media to promote the concert. Also, a program from the concert sent to me, PDF format via email,  is very helpful in promoting. And, I always love attending orchestral performances of my music.

Thank you to all of these orchestras  listed that have included my work on their programs!

Covid Lapse and canceled concerts in 2020-2022 and back up and running in 2023!

Prior to all of these amazing opportunities, I composed music for Indie short films and documentary.