Nan Avant, Navona Recording Artist, is a native of the Pacific Northwest was brought up in a peaceful pastoral setting amidst artists on her maternal side and the rich South American heritage of Peru on her father’s side. Music was constantly playing in the background of her early years. Symphonies, musicals, South American music, Tangos, and Peruvian waltzes all contributed to her love of music

At an early age, she began studying piano and continued through high school and college. At the age of 16, she and her sister lived with relatives in Lima, Peru while their parents embarked on an adventure, riding motorcycles from Seattle to the border of Panama and Columbia. Living internationally was life-enriching and opened new vistas to her as a young person.  Returning to the U.S. she continued her piano studies and expanded her horizon by learning to play the balalaika, becoming a member of the Seattle Balalaika Orchestra. It was also during this time in her life that she began composing music for piano.

These early life experiences: eclectic musical listening, international living, and music study at an early age, established her identity as an artist and became a catalyst in composing music with melodic intention.

Avant attended Cornish School of the Arts in Seattle and earned a BFA degree in Piano Performance from California Institute of the Arts. Her studies at CalArts included chamber, concerto, and solo recitals, coaching sessions with Leonard Stein, a teaching assistant of Schoenberg and Pulitzer Prize-winning American composer, Mel Powell, as well as Masterclasses with Richard Goode and Aaron Copland.

She is a graduate of the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program under the direction of two-time Emmy winner Hummie Mann. Further studies in composition include Jazz Ensemble, Orchestration and Contemporary Writing Techniques, Berklee School of Music online program.

Avant has won awards for her music and is a four-time Nominee in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.  She is a 2022 Global Music Awards Silver Medal Awardee and Semi-Finalist in The American Prize Competition 2022.  Avant’s Tributum for Celtic Bagpipes and Orchestra won the 13th Annual Independent Music Vox Populi Award for Best Instrumental Song. Her music embraces thematic and rhythmic intentions often reflecting her Latin heritage, encompassing her passion for classical, jazz, world and ethnic music. She has collaborated with Indie Filmmakers throughout the U.S. creating soundtracks for documentary, feature, animation and short films. She has been commissioned by Composers and Schools in Concert and has composed music for Burmer Music Productions LLC for concert premiers with the Northwest Sinfonia Orchestra. Avant’s concert music has been performed Internationally and throughout the United States and her music can  e heard on CD compilations and digital platforms, Spotify, Apple, Amazon music.

Avant resides in Seattle with her husband Walt and their Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Piper.

Accolades by Year


Winner   2023 The American Prize~Winner~ Pops/Light Composition~Tributum for Celtic Bagpipes andn Orchestra~ Royal Scottish National Orchestra~Navona Records

Winner   2023 Global Music Award~Silver Medal~Soundness of the Sea for Violin and Orchestra~London Symphony Orchestra



Quotes and Reviews

".in the symphonic work Sirens of the Salish Sea: I. Soundness of the Sea ('Sirenes del mar dels Salish: I. La solidesa del mar'), for violin and orchestra, the composer Nan Avant — about whom we have published a magnificent article— seeks to reflect the most difficult moments of the year 2020 through music and the essence of the sea. In love with natural landscapes, Avant exhibits her symphonic lyricism reaching grandeur and emotion, two qualities of her music." (original in Catalan)

Carme Miró,

-Sonograma Magazine

"...or the evocative Sirens of the Salish Sea, are truly inspired and capable of imprinting clear images and sensations in our mind." ...-  Luciano Feliciani (original in Italian)

+Kathodic Webzine

“I always admire and appreciate your compositions and [Soundness of the Sea for Violin and Orchestra] is no exception.”

John Carrington, Principle Harpist for the Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra, the Bellevue Philharmonic and the Auburn Symphony

”I programmed the work after hearing a recording of it on the Sheet Music Plus website.  I was randomly searching for works with bagpipe and orchestra and stumbled across Tributum purely at random, but I was immediately taken with it.”

Lucas Waldin, Conductor, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Tributum for Celtic Bagpipes and Orchestra~The Royal Scottish National Orchestra, “It is difficult to describe in words the whole storm of emotions that this great work causes. Emotional wave, which practically hits you and drives into this epic, orchestral cycle. Beautiful, live and ideal for everyone who needs music!


“The composer Nan Avant, originally from the Pacific Northwest,
carries within her the great musical legacy of Peru. Tributum,
written for both Irish bagpipes and Scottish bagpipes (tuned at 440 Hz),is a work of precious detail, in which the composer
conveys to us the finesse and tenderness of the skin of these heritage instruments.”   

-Sonograma Music Magazine 

Carme Miro

"Nan Avant moves us into a more ethnic-specific musical language enhanced by the use of bagpipes and Uillean Pipes for her romantically-tinged Tributum.  The folkish quality of the music makes it a more traditional orchestral tone poem with gorgeous melodic writing and rich string sound (it has that Braveheart/Far and Away quality)."

Cinemusical Review

“The orchestra really enjoyed playing Tributum, and it was a hit with our audience as well.”

Louisville Philharmonia Orchestra 

Tony Smith, Program Director

“In Tributum, Avant masterfully blends ethnic Celtic instruments with symphony orchestra to create a wonderfully moving work. Her majestic melodies and lush orchestrations transport the listener to the British Isles, it is an aural voyage worth taking.”

Hummie Mann, 2-Time Emmy Award-winning composer

“Nan Avant’s 'Bijoux' explores interstellar clouds of swirling gasses as they mass together and form stars. Its opening phrases beautifully communicate a sense of marvel.”

Seattle Times,

Jason Victor Serinus,

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